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Education counselling is a powerful tool which helps the students with selection of course, skills, streams and so on. The most critical aspect of education counselling is to understand the hopes, aspirations and dreams of the students. EminencEdu helps in finding the strengths and weaknesses of the student, and handle them very carefully. We also interact with parents, guardians, and other administrators regarding a student’s behavioral, academic, and other problems.
How we help:
Some students may be suffering from domestic abuse, like fighting or divorced parents or some learning disabilities. These circumstances too affect a child’s growth. Thus, an educational counselling makes a child overcome from any personal, communal or behavioural issues.

Education counselling perform an important act in the planning process of students in the career. There are numerous of desired career options, these counselling sessions assist students in making the career decisions depending on their personality traits. We evaluate a student’s abilities, interests and skills through interviews, personality and aptitude assessments, and so on. We also match if the mutually chosen career path is best suited to the candidate’s profile, interests and limitations.

For instance a student have creative and sensing approach then the career related to book keeping or legislation may not prove to be a good option but on the contrary note if an individual who possess such traits may achieve heights in the career related to creative design and fine arts.


Education counselling focus student’s strengths by identifying and dealing with personal attitude, behavioural, social and academic problems that affect child performance, achievement and even relationships. We provide individual/group counselling on varied issues like bullying, peer pressure, pressure to perform, low self-esteem and so on. This helps them to become more confident, mentally strong and mature to handle situations affecting their educational and vocational life.

Moreover, if a student desire to study abroad, needs scholarship, or required any information on college training programmes then these counselling sessions help them out with the required information. We help children to develop good personality and embrace life skills so that they can face the challenging world better.

We also collaborate with parents and teachers (if required) to monitor and evaluate educational progress, update them about individual growth so that the student has the best chance of success. We also initiate workshops and seminars (on request) to provide a wide range of educational and occupational information. Thus, educational counselling are important part of student’s life now.

We have a comprehensive framework to understand about the student’s personality and guide them for the same:

  • We analyse their aspirations, hopes, dreams and passion to recognize their talents and educate them about related career streams.
  • We conduct face-to-face detailed session with the students to understand their personality traits and ideology.
  • We conduct certain personality test with the students to learn more about their nature and the personality to provide an assistance in the selection of their career stream in accordance with their personality traits

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