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Immigration process is quite a critical process which involves many legal hurdles. Our Legal experts provide the creative solution to such issues to make your process smooth and easy.

Candidates who wishes to move abroad has to acquire certain legal paperwork from their home country, in this regard, EminencEdu can provide legal assistance to get this paper work done. Our legal advisors work with dedication to understand the legal matters of our clients and to assist them with the essential paperwork.

We interpret and apply the theoretical legal knowledge so that it applies to practical solutions, prioritize work so that the deadlines can be met and responsible for gathering the relevant information from various resources by using some effective researching tools. Our Experts also, assist in the preparation and research of proposals and tries to identify problems.

There are a number of legal paperwork which are required to prove the profile of the individual in accordance with the current law of the home country. In this context, EminencEdu provides assistance in providing legal solutions to meet such requirements. Our experts prepare the legal paperwork on behalf of clients and ensure that they are being submitted to the relevant authorities. We are involved in the management of resolution of disputes and participates, recommends as well as drafts new codes that are relevant to the law.

In these cases clients get confused in obtaining the concerned paperwork so to ease the pain EminencEdu takes the front seat by helping the clients

  • Obtaining Registration Certificate (If necessary in the case)
  • Divorce Documentation (In case of divorce)
  • Affidavits
  • NOC
  • Information Identification Documentation
  • Legal Paperwork (Home Country)
  • Attestation
  • Police Clearance

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