Process Management

The process of moving abroad, getting foreign degree, choosing a career path and immigration involves various sub processes which further involves legal paperwork and other important documentation.

Process management is required at every step irrespective of the fact whatever the category you fall into.

The efficient process management techniques are applied for various purpose:

  • To reduce costs: By improving resource utilization, motivating the client and effective planning about the countries, colleges and career paths helps in reducing the costs.
  • Improves flexibility: Quick adaptation, instant decision making and mitigation plans (in selection of countries, universities and career options) improves flexibility into the process.
  • Provides client’s satisfaction: An effective process management with proper documentation and effective communication can help in providing the satisfaction to the client.
  • Agile in nature: Our experts provide the services which are highly agile in nature and thus providing assistance for situations such as selection of universities/ colleges, SOP and LOI/LOR.


Process management involves various stages which can be listed as:

  • Initiation: When a client enrolls for initial counselling session. Counselling: understanding the requirements of the clients and guiding them for the same.
  • Financial plan: Delegating the financial plan to the client related to the concerned payment system.
  • Profiling: Our expert start making the profile on behalf of client.
  • Documentation: Necessary legal documentation are demanded for the process.
  • Upload: The documents are then uploaded with the file number.
  • Floating: After the upload the profile goes into the pool and floats for the next draw.
  • Application stage: Final application is then listed with the concerned authorities.

Pre departure briefing: Suggestions regarding departure is initiated.

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